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We're looking for all kinds of talent

We're building relationships with on-screen personalities, comedians, interesting people with passion and opinions, and experts in almost any subject matter!

Are you looking for opportunities to produce video content gathering millions views on sites across the world? We're industry leaders that provide media companies with highly produced video production that expands and engages their audience across all platforms and all media topics.

SPACEMOB studio creates short-form video content for national publishers to broaden their digital presence. As our business grows, we're looking for those with the skills and passion to produce news, entertainment, branded, non-profit videos and feature films that tell the story and captivate those who click, watch and share.


  • Bold & dynamic personality

  • Subject matter expert

  • YouTuber

  • Blogger

  • Vlogger

  • Spanish/English bilingual

  • Person with passion and drive

  • Deadline driven professional

  • Creative

  • Person with high speed internet

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

--Maya Angelou