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Distribution of Content is a Brand New Game

Answer Media’s content and production company, SPACEMOB studio has a knack for business development, sales, and distribution of content. We've established relationships within the entertainment, OTT, & digital media industries, and we can help you find the right distribution opportunities for your project or series. We want to help you get your project buttoned-up and ready to shop, as well as walk you through the delivery process.


As filmmakers and content creators, we experienced the journey that is financing, producing, and distributing our films, TV, and OTT content, and that gave us the tools we need to help others get their projects across the finish line and out into the world.


Why OTT/ Connected TV?

  • For the first time, a higher percentage of households subscribe to a streaming service (69%) than to traditional pay TV (65%) [Deloitte]

  • 61% of young adults in US watch mainly streaming TV [Pew Research Center]

  • OTT ad spend will be $5 billion in 2020 [Magna/Ad Exchanger]

  • Advertisers are shifting their TV budgets to streaming platforms so quickly that demand for OTT inventory will far outstrip supply this year [Digiday]

  • The US has over 820 million connected video devices [Video Advertising Bureau]

  • Global OTT revenues are predicted to reach $129 billion by 2023 and $47.8 billion in the U.S. [Multichannel]

  • Millennials spend about 7 hours per day watching videos on their phones [Zype]



Our Reach

We're on more than 40 channels on every major OTT platform, including RokuTV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire. Our partners estimate that we reach more than 500 million users through the Answer Media / SPACEMOB studio network.


SPACEMOB studio content has also been released on: NBC; Showtime; CNBC; 

Netflix; Hulu; Amazon Prime; Vudu; Time Inc.; Best Buy; Walmart; and many more. We have films that have been distributed at major festivals and theatres across the country, and we've developed relationships that can assist in the creation and distribution of nearly any piece of content.


How it Works

We're actively seeking quality content of all kinds (web series, feature films, short films, sketch comedy, standup comedy, instructional series, dating advice, etc.) in almost any vertical / category. There's a market for virtually everything, and we know the right distribution avenue for any type of content.

We work on a standard RevShare agreement.  We'll get your material seen by as many people as possible, on all channels that are a good fit, and we'll split any advertising revenue with you.  This is a non-exclusive relationship, which gives you the freedom to find other avenues to present your content, such as YouTube, or other distribution partnerships.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

--Maya Angelou

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